Well since I got the neck brace, life has got progressively busier. The down side to that is less time for blog updates. I have been working hard with my physio practicing sitting up in bed. Sounds pretty simple but it’s a tricky one due to lose of strength in my shoulders and the range necessary in my arms to prop myself up. Once this is mastered I will be starting transfers to and from the chair and bed. This will make me more independent as at the moment I am relying on a hoist and two people to assist.

I have just been looking through some of the photos of the past week on the NKT Facebook page. I sure am glad there are so many people enjoying themselves, at my expense!! On Friday as I pushed through Dun Laoghaire with Ais and Dar we passed a haggered man with a beaten coffee cup sitting out on the path. I thought to myself, I might not be able walk, but at least I am not alone. The 100 or so people who turned up for the mini marathon have reinforced that belief. I know that this journey of recovery won’t be a lonely one!

So while ye were out enjoying the weekends events, I too was enjoying my weekend. I had the pleasure of my aunt and uncle’s company while Ais and Dar returned to do the mini marathon! The highlight being the roof -top view of the Flight Festival. We could almost tickle the bellies of the planes as they flew overhead! In our company were the employees of a company that lease airplanes. So as you could imagine they were able to tell us everything about each plane that passed over us. Planes from as far back as World War Two were on display. It was interesting to see how the aviation industry has developed over the past 100 years in one event.

There is a kitchen here that is used by the occupational therapy department to enable wheel-chair users to practise cooking. The height of the cooker, sink and table can be adjusted so the chair can fit in underneath allowing you to work and reach around safely. Last week it was my turn to use the facility. I was told I could cook anything I wanted. I decided on a rasher toasty with fried eggs! Mmmmmmmm! It took about two hours to make! Everything just becomes so difficult. Getting bread out of the bag, putting the bread in the toaster, getting them out, buttering them. Finding a way into the packet of rashers, opening the George Forman, and grilling the rashers. Surprisingly enough cracking and frying the eggs was probably the easiest part of the cooking experience. Unfortunately by the time I actually assembled my sandwich all the components had become cold, which was a bit of a let down after all the hard work. I was so tired by the time I had finally eaten my sandwich, and I was now faced with cleaning up the kitchen. I slept well that night!

I was measured for my wheel chair two weeks ago. The specifications were sent off to Poland (I think) it usually takes at least six weeks to hand build and I will not be able to leave the rehab until it arrives. This means I will be here longer, which is good, more rehab and more physio.

Dad had a scan earlier this month and we got fantastic news. He does not have to got back on chemo as the cancer has reduced significantly. As you could imagine this is a huge relief to have Dad back to good health.

So since I have had the neck brace off I have had no set backs. It really has been onwards and upwards. The support I have been receiving has been a driving force to make me work harder and push myself harder, as I can see so many people are also putting in so much work to raise funds. Thanks to absolutely everyone who has done anything in assisting the NK Trust.


5 thoughts on “Neckloose

  1. Nathan I’ve been following your blog and Facebook and all that I’ve been looking for the word to express how I feel but I guess I’ll never find them, your are strong man and an inspiration. You have an amazing family. I think of u every day and the amazing journey u are on keep the strength brother. Your old friend Eóin McCormack.

  2. Great to hear your status update and find it positive particularly about your he will be around to assist your recovery. Its hard to beat a rasher and egg sarnie and may I suggest another ingredient to really zip it up…Clonakilty black pudding is yummy!

    Take care a Keep ‘er lit!

  3. Great to here you are developing new skills in the kitchen. Good you had a good view of the planes.
    Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Nathan, I heard about your blog through a friend. I’ve really enjoyed reading it and following your amazing progress. Your will power and determination is astonishing. I’m looking forward to the 5k run in Shanbally in October. Before I would have just sauntered around and be glad to finish it, now I’m actually training and setting myself a goal to run a time that I can be proud of. Thank you for the inspiration to push myself!

  5. Hi Nathan, my name is Brian & I’m Louise’s dad, Marion fills me in how you are getting on . You are a an Inspiration to your self & family I’m glad that Louise has a friend like you.wishing you Well & in to the Future, regards brian. Sent from my iPad

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