From then ’til now (recap)

On the 3rd of June 2013, under the mischievous influence of Captain Morgan, I found myself disobeying the 3-point-of-contact rule whilst, apparently, thirty feet high up a tree. Down I went, tumbling into a new life-changing challenge.

First my wrist, then my leg, then my neck……… CRACK.

Immediately, fresh off the back of a three-day first aid course, I knew this was serious. Kyle, heroically, called the ambulance……. “male, 24, fell from a height, possible spinal injury, owenabue estate, carrigaline”.

Within five minutes the ambulance came screaming up the road, followed by another. Just as I had been used as a dummy spinal injury patient some days before, I was shimmied carefully onto a spinal stretcher and carried away with the ambulance crew. When we got to Cork University Hospital the seriousness of the injuries were unveiled. My wrist was treated on arrival, while X-rays were being performed on my neck and leg. There was a lot of commotion and to-ing ANDY fro-ing before it was decided that the injury was so serious it would need to be dealt with in the Mater Hospital Dublin.

I was hoping to be airlifted, but instead had to be wagoned up for two and a half hours in another ambulance.

Upon my arrival at the Mater, I was prepared for surgery. While waiting to go in I recognised the silly blue casted hand that could only belong to the broken thumb of John Downey. The doctor proceeded to tell me that after the surgery my condition would most likely be irreversible. Rather than entertain such morbid thoughts I preferred to focus on the jovial company of John. We chatted the whole way down to the operating theatre. I was then sedated and went into the land of Peter Pan and Mickey Mouse.

I woke up over 12 hours later in the Intensive Care Unit to my Mum and my brother with a tube wrenched down my throat, which was, fortunately, removed not long after. I spent five nights there and was looked after very well, particularly by the lovely Susan. As my breathing and mobility became stronger I was transferred to the High Dependancy Unit and then eventually to the National Spinal Injuries ward in the Mater. I met the consultant of the National Rehabilitation Hospital who informed me that I would be transferred there as soon as a bed became available. She also diagnosed me with a C4 spinal cord injury and told me I would not walk again. But, I don’t believe her. I will walk again.

A bed became available at NRH after just two weeks into my stay however due to severe neck pain it was decided I was not ready to start rehab.

During this time my Dad was meant to fly back from Switzerland for what would have been my graduation. When my mother went to Dublin airport to collect him there was no sign of him. After a lot of panic and countless helpless phone calls we managed to get in contact with the airport medical staff who confirmed that an Irish man had had a cardiac arrest in the airport and he was rushed to HUG, Hospital Universitee de Geneve. We called the hospital immediately where they confirmed that Gerard Kirwan had been admitted and was currently in a medically induced coma. My Mother, my brother, his girlfriend, my sister, her boyfriend, my cousin, my auntie and uncle all fled to Geneva. Fearing the worst I was left in the Mater hospital to await news.

I was thankfully distracted from all this commotion and uncertainty by many friends, family and neighbours who arrived to visit.

The next day my Dad was brought slowly out of the coma. Over the next few days it was clear that he had made an amazing recovery. Although I knew I would still not see him for another few weeks or even months.

My neck pain had subsided by 3rd of July and I got word I would be transferred to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dun Laoighre that very day. Since then I have settled in well to my hospital ward in rehab hospital. While I still have quite substantial neck pain, I have had regular physiotherapy to work on my upper body strength and I am getting stronger and more independent. Whilst making quite a mess, I can now feed myself, shove water in my face and attend to those irritable itches that have tormented for weeks now. My next goal is to pick my nose, which will go down as one of my greater achievements in life. As my progress and abilities continue to improve in the upcoming weeks and months I will post on this blog to keep anyone who is interested updated.


17 thoughts on “From then ’til now (recap)

  1. We are all interested so get bloging..

  2. Keep up the good work Nathan, best wishes buddy.

  3. well done Nathan. Keep up the hard work. The good people at the NRH will look after you.

  4. Wishing you all the best for your recovery mate.

  5. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery Nathan,stay positive.

  6. Keep up the good work buddy! It is that belief that will have you walking again in no time.

  7. Shed a few tears reading this, it hit very close to home for me! Wishing you all the strength and support you need during your recovery.

  8. Hi Nathan, my name is Eamonn Burke,i’m also a sailor and sail out of Howth, i know John Downey who’s a good guy.
    Your story has great meaning for me and has left me quite emotional as i also recently had a serious spinal injury, in fact it was the week before yours.
    Three weeks before my wedding (on my stag night) plied full of the infamous jager bombs i wandered over some little old lady’s 12ft back garden wall and shattered my T12 vertebra.I suppose at the time i was lucky to be anesthetized through alcohol but that soon wore off and found myself in pain like nothing else. Fortunately the little old lady had been watching me and thought i was a burglar so called the cops who stupidly moved me and brought me to the garda station. Anyway at that stage i think my screaming like a girl made them think i might’nd be your average burglar and in fact might have a spinal injury.
    I went through a similar experience as yours but in Vincent’s hospital and was moved on to the Mater. I was extremely fortunate that the broken bone was only pushing into my spinal cord and hadn’t caused sever damage. I was operated on by Miss Casidy who must have hands of an angel because within a couple of days i was able to get on my feet with the help of a tool bag of screws and rods and that hot Physio in your photo.
    My story ended well as will yours, i know your injury is far more sever than mine but i do have an idea of what must be thinking from time to time. I stayed positive and made a recovery, even got married (just as painful). I sense your positive guy Nathan keep it up man. I wish you your dad and all your family the very best.


  9. Hey Nathan ,Im behind you 100% wishing you all the best in your recovery , with your positive attitude you will be fine
    very best kind regards

  10. Well done so far Nathan! Sending all the positive energy I have your way! No better man to get through all this! Next time im in Dun Laoighre Ill try pop in to say hi! (If your up to it)

  11. For successful nose picking………… you may have to dig deep 🙂
    Good luck with that! ita x

  12. Hi Nathan Jo Kinsella in Avoca here Kyles aunt you are doing great work cannot wait to hear all about the nose picking x

  13. Hi Nathan wishing you all the best in your recovery.All I can say is would like to help in any way.
    I know your Dad for years . What a gentleman-wishing you all the best.

    Francis Twohig

  14. Hi Nathan, sending my love from Manchester! You may remember…. but probably my last memory of seeing you guys is when myself and aisling dressed you guys up in wexford 😉 Wishing you all the best in your recovery and I am hoping to get involved in the wexford cycle to cork. Love Andrea OCall

  15. Thinking of you everyday, will see you soon. Ursula, Paul and boys.

  16. Hi Nathan, I am Fiachre Hoey’s mother and I have been following your story since that awful morning I looked at Fiachre’s face and I knew something terrible had happened. I am so impressed by your fortitude and your wonderful optimism can only lead to a successful outcome. Good luck and ‘keep your chin up’. Best wishes, Sile Hoey

  17. Hi Nathan
    You don’t know me and I feel I know you from reading your blog and the media your determination and attitude toward your injury and life has inspired me as a mum of four and mature student at Ucc doing disability studies doing my diploma this year you have motivated me in this journey of learning to do something positive in this field to make a difference. Just did the run with my eleven year old and husband great run great day brilliantly organised and all for a great guy. Thank you

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