The intention of this blog is to keep my friends and family updated during my recovery. It is also a place for people to share ideas, experiences, and recommendations relating to the various aspects of recovery from spinal cord injury. The support and encouragement that has been abundantly forthcoming from friends and family, from the day of the accident onwards, has been nothing short of amazing.

Thank you all for that.

30 thoughts on “Intent

  1. Dear Nathan,

    We believe in you & are behind you all the way! Know that even though we are far away, our hearts are with you!

    Peter and Gina

  2. Wats up I’m living in Oz at the moment and would like to donate money.but how???

  3. Hi Nathan
    Shocked at reading your news today on FB and blog!
    Hope this message finds you in good spirits. I have no doubt that your positive attitude and the support you get from your family and friends will help you reach your ultimate goal, that is to walk again:-)
    Will be thinking of you
    Nichola Ní Bhriain

  4. Best of luck with your progress my man! Your nothing short of a legend!

  5. I live in Australia and saw an item on the news about a major breakthrough in spinal injuries. It is posted on my page around July 4th but I have no idea how to post it on to you – (wrong generation for that lark)”. If you google “Groundbreaking surgery quadriplegic Australia”. I hope you find this article inspiring and helpful.
    Regards, Anne Marie

  6. Well done, keep positive
    Paddy Kirwan

  7. Hi Nathan my name is Laura o Connell my brother in law is in dun laoighre with a spinal injury to. Shane Delaney, I am from crosshaven and did a I fundraiser for Shane and heard about you. Wishing u all the strenght and fight this time. If there is anything I can do to help or if u need something brought up liam goes to Shane each week. Take care x

  8. Hi Nathan, we were delighted to meet up with your mum and dad last night. Best of luck with your progress, Noel and Mary

  9. Sent To FB page from Aidan O’ Dea
    hey Nathan,

    Long time no see! I believe it was the summer of 1999 actually!.. when meself, Cathal McCormack and Eoin McCormack (i think that was it?!?!) made the trek down to Carrigaline!..

    I can recall bits and pieces of the trip.. Star Wars: The Phantom Menace…. eeeem tennis?!.. eeeem, a big field with lads flying toy planes in?! Aaaaand a forest that we went to quite a bit (I believe I tore the hole off myself when I slipped down a hill… good times…!) Can you remember anything else?! Or anything at all?!?!

    Just wanted to drop you a line anyway, and offer all the support I can my man. I read your blog and tis nice to see yer still the exact same stubborn fella I was besties with in Coosan School for a number of years!

    Well have to get you down to Coosan again. When you’re back on your feet, which I believe will happen also, cause of the aforementioned stubborn streak!

    We’ll talk again,

    Aidan O’Dea


    pretty old photo from one of my birthdays back in the day, shows your finger pretty close to your nose! Now pick it already and get down to Coosan again!

    • I can’t believe Aidan brought up that he tore the hole off himself… Priceless…

      Nathan, it’s been too long…
      I’ve been reading your blog and trying to think of something I could say to you.. But I keep coming up short. Your positivity and determination are inspirational, and i’m sure you’re sick of hearing buzz words like “inspiration” but there is no other word..
      You were always an amazing kid and clearly that hasn’t changed, we’re all thinking of you back in Athlone(and Eóin in Edinburgh).

      all my love old friend,
      -Cathal McCormack xox

  10. So much can be said for such a positive attitude! Shows such strength x

  11. Hi Nathan
    Double above knee amputee for over 40 years now retired and living in Carrigaline hope you find a way to walk again. Joe Mullarkey

  12. Nathan I just read about you on the Examiner and your positivity regarding your future is inspiring coming from one so young. Railing against the storm is the natural reaction and it takes a strong mind to overcome your trauma. I have no doubt as a fellow Corkman that the rebel spirit is strong and you will reach whatever goal you set for your recovery.
    I live in Dublin city and if there is anything you need don’t hesitate to ask
    Keep her Lit!!

  13. Hey.. I was reading the Sun today and turned the page to your article…Needless to say, I was fairly shocked.. Anyway, you seemed to me like the type of guy who could overcome anything. Get better soon..:)

  14. best of luck recovering.i had a drunken fall 5yrs ago from a tree at the same hieght and bust my collar bone punctured a lung,nothing in comparrison but i can understand how a night of fooling around can turn to a night mare.keep faith and remember the mind is the greatest healer of all,stay positive at all times and block out any negative taughts check out this link and read his story told he will never do anything except blink again,watch his movie the secret also but maybe a little long and boring.get better soon its all up to you.STAY POSITIVE

  15. Nathan. Tadhg O Flynn Of O Flynn Medical Millstreet Cork here. Keep that spirit going you can make it, If I can assist you to get to that stage we will row in behind you . let me know when !!!!

  16. Hi Nathan no dossing the photography class next Monday.

  17. Hi Nathan,

    Thinking of you and supporting you even though Im on the other side of the world. Stay positive:-)

    Debbie x x

  18. Nathan aka giggles !!
    Just want to wish you all the best in your recovery .. if anyone can do it you defiantly can ..positive thinking all the way my friend.. keep it up :-):-):-):-)
    Av x

  19. Hi Nathan, greetings and best wishes from Clongowney, Banagher. You are an inspiration to us all, keep it up. Hope the auld fella is recovering well. James Kirwan

  20. Hi Nathan,
    Your mother and mine are first cousins – I remember you as a very cute, smiling bum-shuffling baby visiting our house in Wexford. Your positive attitude and determination are inspirational. All your Carroll relatives wish you the best in your recovery and we look forward to attending one of your fundraisers soon.
    Lyn Carroll and all the (Mary) Carrolls.

  21. Hi Nathan

    It’s Una here, Lyn’s little sister! We all think your an incredibly brave guy. We will be following your blog. Love to all the family.

    Love Una, Jon & Aodhán xxx

  22. Hi Nathan, My name is Lorraine Harney. I teach in Coosan N.S in Athlone….remember that place? Well I was chatting to this really nice guy today in our staffroom called Ray,who is recovering from two broken legs . We ended up talking about his friend who had an accident falling from a tree and it ended up I knew you. So I want to wish you best wishes from all in Coosan andIi am hoping i can arrange a fund raising event to help you with your recovery.Please send my regards to Aishling your big sis.

  23. Nathan, what a shock! I’ve come back from holiday and I see this e-mail and I could not believe it, the very best of luck with your progress, keep brave and keep that lovely smile too xx

  24. Hi Nathan,
    Best of luck in Barcelona.
    Jim & Grainne Kirwan, Banagher.

  25. Hope you had a great birthday Nathan, I’m sure if Aisling had any involvement in it you had a brilliant time. See you soon, Ursula

  26. HI Nathan,
    its anne from the gym. Jakes mom. ive been reading your blog and loving it. im curious to know if you have picked your nose yet? lol 🙂 we need more updates from you when your not too busy in the gym or sailing!! see you soon

  27. Muchos Gracias for your blog post. dbgfdcecfgbe

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